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Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If - Dyslexia Workshop For Teachers And Parents

A one-day, hands-on development day.

Based on the "Gift of Dyslexia" Davis methods.

For SENCos, teachers, support staff and

education managers. CPDSO-accredited.




Workshop Outline:

How can a gift cause a problem?
  • Dyslexic giftedness

  • Multi-dimensional thinking


Preparing yourself to learn
  • Managing your mind:

  • “Pay attention!” “But how?”


Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?”
  •  Verbal vs. non-verbal thinking

  • Symbols vs. meaning in learning

  • The problem with if



  •  Punctuation as a reading skill

  • Visualisation for reading comprehension

  • Retention of what has been read

Davis Symbol Mastery
  •  Creative exercise

  • Making subject vocabulary “stick”


Three Stages of Learning
  •  Assimilation – storage – retrieval

  • Managing the mind for assimilation

  • Some ideas for storage

  • The final touch: retrieval

The WhyTy Workshop

Dyslexia-inspired learning

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"For centuries, the dream of helping lost, demoralised girls and boys to unlock their talents and discover a love of learning has drawn young men and women into teaching. Sometimes, a teacher of exceptional insight and talent finds that this dream comes true. Yet far too often, and through no fault of their own, teachers repeatedly fail to engage their struggling learners and become demoralised and jaded. The model by which they were taught to teach has let them down."

– Ronald Davis, Foreword to Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

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“The creative process and the learning process, if not the same thing, are so closely associated that we will never be able to separate them.”
Ronald Davis
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