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There are some bright and creative people who thrive in conventional learning environments.

There are others - just as bright and creative - who do not.

For too long, our educational systems have been unable to comprehend how dyslexics think and, therefore, how they learn.
What is more, by failing to engage with the innovative traits of the dyslexic mind, our schools are missing priceless opportunities to enrich the learning of all.
‘Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?” takes as its starting point a curious phenomenon: the mistakes made by many dyslexic readers on small, common words. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge and research, and with especial regard to the work of Ronald Davis, this is a book of know-how about dyslexia that empower teachers, parents and dyslexics alike. Compelling insights into the workings of the dyslexic mind are coupled with proven practical strategies, exemplified through scripted examples of teaching modules.
About The Author
Richard Whitehead MA MPhil (Oxon), PGCE, Dip. RSA (SpLD), AMBDA, SpLD APC (Patoss)
Licensed Davis Dyslexia Programme Specialist and Workshop Presenter
Licensed Davis Autism Facilitator and Coach
Director, Davis Learning Foundation

Richard Whitehead's extensive background in education has included time spent teaching in both the adult and mainstream secondary educational sectors. For six years, he was Special Educational Needs Coordinator at a flourishing independent secondary boarding school in Worcestershire, UK, and he is a licensed Specialist SpLD Teacher Assessor. An Oxford-educated linguist with a working knowledge of several European languages, he specializes in multilingual learning disability assessments for non-native speakers of English in the UK.


Richard's particular specialism is in the Davis® Methods, a system devised by Ronald Davis which harnesses the innovative perceptual talents that accompany dyslexia and other learning differences to enable struggling learners to overcome their barriers. Richard originally discovered the Davis methods when looking for a solution for the son of some friends. He is a Davis Workshop Presenter and Training Specialist and has delivered lectures and teaching workshops on the Davis methods in countries as diverse as Iceland, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, the United States, India, South Africa, New Zealand and Israel.


Richard has written articles on the dyslexic learning style for publications as diverse as Literacy Today, Green Parent Magazine and Personnel Today magazine and has recorded video presentations on dyslexia for the Dystalk project.

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