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Dyslexia-Inspired Strategies

For Parents Of All Struggling Learners

Six Practical Support Sessions That Make Parents

The Best Helpers They Can Be

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Gift of Dyslexia Davis® techniques that get your child's learning working

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What you will learn

Session 1: Confused?

Your journey as the parent of a bright but struggling learner.

The role of confusion in a learning difficulty.

The Davis "Release" Procedure.


Session 2: Gifts and Problems

The talents that go with learning difficulties.

How can a talent cause a problem?

Word thinking and picture thinking.


Session 3: How do dyslexics think and learn?

The concept of ‘disorientation’ and its role in a learning difficulty.

The problem with if.

The Davis "Create-A-Word" procedure.


Session 4: Learning for Picture Thinkers

 Visualisation for reading comprehension

Punctuation as a reading skill

Retention of what has been read

Why Clay?

The Davis "Picture-At-Punctuation" and "Symbol Mastery" techniques.


Session 5: Going Deeper

"Picture-At-Punctuation": fiction and fact.

Dictionaries: their power for picture-thinkers.

"Symbol Mastery" on subject-specific vocabulary.

Picturing technical definitions.


Session 6: Pulling it all together

Comprehensive course review.

Creating a complete support strategy for

your bright but struggling child

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Course includes:

– six two-hour live group sessions

– comprehensive workbook

– 1 kg white plasticine clay

Typical course fee: £240

Pay-It-Forward bursaries available for some courses

An overview of the course from Richard Whitehead

Dying To Join Us, But Money Too Tight?

Apply For A Bursary On Our Pay It Forward Scheme

Pay It Forward is our radical new bursary scheme that enables parents experiencing financial hardship to pay for a course in good deeds, rather than money.

Currently available for courses presented by Richard Whitehead, a limited number of bursaries will be awarded to applicants who:

  • are experiencing financial need

  • want to attend the course to help a loved-one

  • submit a proposal to pay it forward.

Ways of paying it forward should in some way help bright but struggling learners and could include:

  • using know-how from the course to help a bright but struggling learner outside of your family, for free

  • fundraising for the Gifts For Dyslexia bursary fund

  • raising awareness of the positive talents accompanying dyslexia in a creative way

  • another idea of merit that you come up with yourself.

Pay It Forward
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