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Maths Makes Sense Now — Dyslexia, Numeracy and the Davis Method — Watch The Recording
Maths Makes Sense Now — Dyslexia, Numeracy and the Davis Method — Watch The Recording

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Recorded Webinar

Maths Makes Sense Now — Dyslexia, Numeracy and the Davis Method — Watch The Recording

Some dyslexic learners struggle with maths and numeracy. Often, repeated interventions have failed to deliver and the child is quietly written off as "just not a mathematician". Yet the Davis approach can deliver a huge leap in maths ability in a matter of days. Find out how.

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Time is TBD

Recorded Webinar


About the Event

"Maths dyslexia" and dyscalculia can cause as much pain and distress as reading and writing dyslexia. On top of the repeated failures and frustrations at school, adults with unresolved numeracy difficulties can fail to manage finances, leading sometimes to poverty, unpredictability, personal and family distress.

Frequently, maths difficulties are accompanied by difficulties with clock-reading and time management, causing even more stress, disorder, and life problems.

Traditionally, many maths interventions focus on rote learning, memory tricks, and over-use of pocket calculators. Frequently, this creates a stressed and bewildered learner who has painstakingly memorised a series of operations without understanding.

Before you can do maths, you need to think like a mathematician. The Davis Maths Mastery approach is unique in developing mathematical thinking BEFORE addressing maths itself.

When this is done, a series of clay-based exercises exploring the meaning of each mathematical operation quickly leads to fluency and confidence in mental arithmetic. Written arithmetic is then addressed and developed, this time on firm foundations.

In this free webinar, you will be introduced to the principles underlying the Davis Maths Mastery Programme. You will also see some additional techniques, developed by the Presenter, for addressing difficulties with higher areas of mathematics such as algebra.

Your Presenter

Richard Whitehead is Director of Davis Learning Foundation, the UK affiliate of Davis Dyslexia Association International. He is a workshop presenter and specialist in the Davis methods. He has a particular interest in the Davis Maths Mastery Programme, regularly provides children and adults with this programme, and has seen clients improve their performance in maths exams by over 40 percentage points immediately after delivery of the programme.

Richard originally trained as a linguist and speaks six European languages. He is a Patoss-accredited Specialist SpLD Teacher Assessor and was Special Educational Needs Coordinator in a prestigious independent secondary school for six years.

Richard is author of  the book, "Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? — The Dyslexic Blueprint For The Future of Education". Alongside the book, he has developed free online courses for teachers and parents and an in-depth support course for parents of bright but struggling learners, delivered face-to-face and online.


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