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Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If - boy with dyslexia

"I don't understand it:

He can read tyrannosaurus, but he gets stuck on if !!".

Dear Parent,

So your child is struggling at school, and you don’t know why. Perhaps your child has been given a label such as dyslexia. But the label doesn’t come with reasons and explanations.

•    Does this mean my child is stupid?
•    What does it mean for his future career?
•    How can I best support his homework?
•    When should I be strict; when understanding?
•    What does it mean when he comes home upset?
•    Am I being too interfering in my engagement with his school? Or too laid back?

Some parents commission an educational psychologist assessment but then struggle to understand the scores and terms used in the assessment report.


Some find that they are explaining their child’s learning profile and needs to his teachers over and over again at parent-teacher meetings.


Many worry that, although they feel they understand their child, they don’t feel they understand his dyslexia.


Just as the hardworking dyslexic child is left with feelings of inadequacy after every class test, so his caring, dedicated parents are left feeling ineffectual when they sit down to help him with his homework. 

Would you like to:

  • Understand the reasons why some bright children may struggle to acquire basic academic skills;

  • Use these insights to make an incisive difference to the abilities, well-being and prospects of your child;

  • Find out how to turn dyslexia into an asset, even when it has been a problem;

  • Understand what’s going on if your child has problems in one or more area such as: hand-eye coordination; focus; sitting still; learning from consequences; reading people.

“Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?” is an online course providing insights, approaches and strategies to help you achieve any or all of these goals.

“Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If” is the product of thousands of Specialist hours spent observing and working both with “typical” and with “untypical” learners.

And it’s free.

Subscribe to “Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If”, and you will gain:

  • Understanding of why learning sometimes happens, and sometimes doesn’t;

  • Cutting-edge insights into why a bright child can fail dramatically, and puzzlingly, to master a basic skill – and what can be done about it;

  • Innovative Tips and Strategies that take the stress out of supporting your child.

The course instalments themselves are short enough to be read in the middle of a busy day.


Here’s a quick preview of the course content:

1. Why some children can read tyrannosaurus but get stuck on if.

2. Visual-Spatial Thinkers – Why Struggling Readers Can Be Bright Learners.

3. Is “is” an easy word?

4. How Do You Turn “Low Phonemic Awareness” into “Powerful Visual-Spatial Learner”?

5. Setting Struggling Readers Free – An Important Key that very few parents know about.

6. The Missing Principle that Liberates Struggling Learners.

7. What do we mean by “Reach Before You Teach?”

8. Energy Management: A Simple Key to Turbo-Charging your Child's Learning.

9. A straightforward way to avoid 90% of learning problems – without changing WHAT you teach…

10. Don’t Just Support A Struggling Learner – Stimulate Their Intellect.

11. How To Build Self-Esteem While Giving Important Feedback.

12. Emotion in the Alphabet – A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Learning Difficulty: Part 1.

13. Emotion in the Alphabet – A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Learning Difficulty: Part 2.

14. Emotion in the Alphabet – A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Learning Difficulty: Part 3.

15. The Gift of Dyslexia – a message to your child's teacher.

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