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Dyslexia Awareness Month
Resources Pack for Teachers and Parents
of Bright But Struggling Learners

Dear Colleagues, dear Parents,

Browse and download any of these resources that you or anyone you know might find helpful. We hope you find them useful.

SEN Awareness
Dyslexia: Disability or Gift?

Richard Whitehead outlines ways in which dyslexia can be an advantage. He questions some of the commonly held perceptions about dyslexia and its impact.

Reading and Writing (secondary and tertiary)
Dyslexia, Exams, and
Exam Anxiety
Dyslexia — Test and Exam Success
for Picture Thinkers
Dyslexia — Test and Exam Success
for Picture Thinkers
Maths and Numeracy
For teachers everywhere
For parents of older teens, and for School Careers Advisers:
Dyslexia In The Workplace

Richard Whitehead describes why it is important to have a dyslexia-friendly workplace. He shares some tips as to how employers can make their offices good for dyslexics.

Learn With Us In Person

Find out about our hands-on training for parents and teachers

Learn How To Correct Dyslexia — Attend a "Gift of Dyslexia" Davis Workshop

Get Expert Help From a

Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

Teach Yourself: Get The Gift of Dyslexia and Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? from our online bookstore

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