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The dyslexic blueprint

for the future of education

It's Dyslexia Awareness Month!

And for us, it's not just a month to raise awareness of dyslexic need.

It's a month to celebrate the unique abilities shared by dyslexics. And to learn how dyslexia shows us the way to enhance learning for all.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Join us at one of our free consultations...


...find out how dyslexics think and learn...

...and gain unique practical insights that you can put to work right away to enhance the learning of your pupils or your children.

Image by Jess Bailey

Get our free online course

Plus special bonus resources pack if you start the course in Dyslexia Awareness Month.

For parents or teachers of bright but struggling learners.

Support Group Meeting

Learn for real how to help your child

at our live evening class courses for parents.

Live, hands-on learning and peer networking in a specially crafted online environment.

Money cost saving or money reserve for goal and success in school, higher level education

Want to learn from us, but funds are tight?

Do something for someone else instead of paying us.

Apply for one of our new Pay It Forward bursaries.

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